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 Confirmed Prophecies

Each transcribed dream on this page has resulted in at least one confirmed prophecy for the dream. There are many more that have happened through this religion and I am just beginning to post them now. The confirmations come from future newspaper articles or events that happen and come out after a dream has been transcribed. The events have to relate to the transcription and/or the prophecy. These confirmations are something that God and his angels give us to let us know that He has sent the dream, prophecy and transcript. Keep in mind that some of the transcripts may have very evident confirmations and some may have partial and reoccurring confirmations. All are usually connected to the date of the transcript in some way or another. So the date that the transcription was done is a very important aspect of the confirmations.

Please Get Involved In This Miraculous Religion

The transcriptions on this site are © copyright by R.B. Reynolds (The New Adam Kadmon) and they may be used in sermons and spiritual meetings. However they may not be reproduced in book form in part or whole.  All we ask is you make reference to where you obtained them from at http://www.godwantsyoutolisten.com.  All dreams are transcribed by R.Reynolds while he is in receival and they are written exactly as he hears them. Only minor alterations have been made to correct spelling mistakes and grammar. The dates, transcriptions and prophecies have not been altered to coincide with future events so you can trust in the confirmations in the articles provided. Please vote on how you like each transcription as it will help us determine the best ones for the book we are working on. If you would like to have a dream transcribed or get involved and experience the dream transcriptions and prophecies personally please contact adam@godwantsyoutolisten.com


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